Nine of the funniest science songs on the internet

Songs about science – not the most likely genre to trouble to Top 40, but you’d be surprised as to how enthusiastic scientists are at teaching their art through song. Oh yes, and comedians also seem to be on a similar wavelength. Here are some of our favourite science songs.


A couple of Kiwis imagined what the robots would be singing once they have taken over the planet. Turns out it sounds a lot like New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk parody duo.


Celebrating 15 years of the International Space Station, NASA released this jolly little ditty with 15 facts about the space station. What’s harder to forget, the facts or the tune?


If you get only one science-themed comedy country and western song focussed entirely on one basic equation stuck in your head before you enter a physics exam, make sure it is this one.


Ok, this technically isn’t a science song, but it is the only music video filmed in space so we’ll let it off.


Tom Lehrer originally penned this witty ditty about all the 102 known chemical elements (up to that point) in 1959. We’re fans of a very youthful Daniel Radcliffe’s impressive rendition on the Graham Norton Show. How many can you name?


We’re not going to the Python gang for pure scientific facts, but if want a chuckle at the expense of poor old Mrs Brown (and feel particularly insignificant in the process), this is the song for you.


Epic Rap Battles of Historypits some of the most significant historical figures against each other in a no-holds-barred, well, rap battle (obviously). Weird Al Yankovic guests as Isaac Newton in one of their most popular videos, who has to take on a tag team of Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil deGrasse Tyson. It is suitably epic!


Artificial Intelligence doesn’t come more delightful and appealing than GLaDOS from the popular video game Portal; that is until you reach the end and discover it has turned into a bloodthirsty robot hell bent on destroying you. That said, who knew AI had such a lovely voice…

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