Lighting the way home: The latest winners from the WildArt photo competition

Winners of the latest wildlife photography competition awards announced.

WildArthave announced the winners for the second part of this year's wildlife photography competition. The theme for this month is 'light', and has been won by Boldizsár Szűcs from Hungary with a great shot of a European bee-eater in mid-flight.

Each month until the end of the year, WildArt will announce ten category winners. These winners will then go forward to the final, where one of the category winners will be crowned the overall champion.

WildArt Photographer of the Year is a wildlife photography competition created by wildlife photographers, for wildlife photographers, and judged by wildlife photographers.

Here are our favourites, from the 1,000-plus entries that WildArt received.

Gold winner - Angel

Silver winner - Polka dot

Bronze winner - Dawn roost

Founder's choice winner - Feathered light

Young winner - City-edge bird

Highly commended - The Sun in the wings

Highly commended - Magic lanterns

Highly commended - Forever beautiful

Highly commended - The baby fox and the mosquitoes

Highly commended - Flying into the storm

Highly commended - Inside the Moon

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